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10 crucial Google Maps tricks for your next trip

Customize Route Options

Tailored route options Google map offers multiple route options between two locales. You can customize your route options by opting the” three perpendicular blotches” icon and choosing” route options”. You can also elect the asked route options similar as avoiding roadways, sacrifices, or ferries. See how to customize route options.

Share location with friends and family

You can partake your position with musketeers and family by tapping the” blue fleck” on the chart that represents your current position. also, valve” Share location” and elect how long you want to partake your position for. Learn how to share the location.

Download Offline Maps

You can save maps offline so that you can use them indeed when you do not have an internet connection. To save an offline map, look for the area you want to save and tap” Download” in the bottom left- hand corner of the screen. Download offline maps.

Add a Turn on Voice Navigation

You can get voice- guided navigation by opting the “directions” icon and entering your starting point and destination. also, tap the” launch” button and elect” Start Navigation”. The app will guide you using voice directions. See how to turn on voice navigation.

Live Street View

To view a position in Street View, drag and drop the little unheroic person icon onto the chart. You can also move around the position and explore it in 360 degrees. Learn how to switch to live street view.

Explore near Places

You can explore near places by opting the” Explore” icon at the bottom of the screen. You can also browse through orders similar as caffs, gas stations, and more. Learn more how to Explore nearby places.

Measure Distance of destination

You can measure the distance between two points by opting the” measure distance” option from the menu. also, valve on the chart to place labels and the app will display the distance between the two points. How to Measure Distance of destination?

Save Your Parking Position (Location)

You can save your parking position by tapping on the” blue fleck” that represents your current position. also, elect” Save your parking” and add any notes or prints to help you flash back where you situated. Learn more about save your parking location.

Custom google maps

You can produce custom maps by opting ” Your places” from the menu and choosing” maps”. You can also add locales, directions, and notes to produce your own substantiated map. See how to custom google maps.

Measure Distance of destination

You can view your position history by opting ” Your timeline” from the menu. You can also see a chart of all the places you’ve been and when you were there. Learn more how to search history.

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