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We Provide Computer Upgrades and Servicing to make your computer go faster.

Remote support

Providing technical support on chat, on phone call and Remote access support.


Data recovery services in case of system crash and Backup slutions.


Fully Customized website solutions and best web hosting services.


Proving Wi-Fi and home network modem setup services by experts.

computer or laptop

Desktop and laptop computer repairs to get you up and running again.


Malware, Spyware or any other virus removal services by highly trained professionals.

If you are stuck somewhere and don’t know how to proceed further, or you need a fix for a simple computer error or issue, You can feel free to ask our experts on chat or on a call!Yes, that’s right! You can live chat with one of our experts, who will help you to get out off the problem.

Some of the more common computer problems for which you can contact us:

  • Laptop Keeps shutting down.

  • Email is not working

  • Any Network Issue

  • My Laptop is Slow

  • Printer or Scanner is not working

  • Not able to uninstall a software

  • My system's audio is not working.

  • Having issue with webcam

Motherboard repair

Printer is not working

Our experts can help you if your printer or scanner stopped working, Our expert will resolve the issue remotely.

Need help in some installation

If you need a expert's help to install any type of software then you can ask for remote access help from Tech On the Wheels.

System date and time setup

You can ask for a remote help in case you are not able to find the system settings to set your system's date and time.

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Email Setup and Sync issue

If you are not able to setup your official email in your laptop or computer, you can ask for a remote access help.

Any Browser related issue

Sometimes internet browsers starts behaving weird, so you can ask for remote help if your browser is not working as it should be.

 Speaker or Mic is not working

If you are facing some issue with your system's audio or microphone, Our online and remote access support will try to resolve the issue remotely.

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We have more than 5 years of IT experience.
We have certified techs experts to help our clients with latest technologies.




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